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About Santiago Communications Team

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Celebrating 30 years
of Public Service through Communications

~ 1968-1998 ~

Santiago Communications Team, Inc. is a non- profit, 501 C3 volunteer organization. We provide a free public service through the use of our two way radio communications and disaster services.

We provide communications and disaster services throughout Orange County and Southern California. All of our volunteers are highly trained .

We provide communications at public events like parades, bike races, marathons, triathalons, carnivals, and other community events. All of the services provided by Santiago Communications Team are provided at no charge.

Our IMPACT Disaster Response Unit is a division of Santiago Communications Team that is on call 24 hours a day with all local police, fire, and public service agencies throught Southern California.

Member benefits include: Training in two way radio communications, first aid, CPR, basic search & rescue, amateur radio licensing, GMRS licensing, disaster prepardness and more. Members also receive discounts on radio equipment at participating retailers, and discounts and various disaster supplies. Many members also are issued pagers at no charge to be on-call with the IMPACT Disaster Response Unit.

Santiago Communications Team is an Affiliate of REACT International. REACT (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team) is a international organizationd dedicated to serving the public through communications and disaster services.

Comments / Questions should be directed to Peter Lent

Last updated: July 31, 1998